The Ol’ Trump Card

Calling it “Two Corinthians” happens often in the UK and in Scotland where I believe Donald Trump’s mother emigrated, though, this gaffe was likely due to his false faith. I say false faith and hope I am wrong, but you can tell a tree by its fruit.

Trump’s clear betrayal of biblical morals and teachings displays very clearly this man is a wolf– to anyone looking that is. His racism, xenophobia, chauvinism, and love for division show us he is a coconut tree claiming to be an apple tree. Jesus has called us to live wise like a snake and innocent as a dove, Jesus called us to love our neighbor as our self. None of us are perfect but our lives should personify the teaching of Scripture, I just don’t see it in the life of the Donald. If he owns a bible it is probably covered in dust, if he has the app it was probably downloaded the day he announced his candidacy, if he’s ever prayed it was likely during one of his divorces.

Oh, one last thing…Trump believes he is the solution to the problems in this country. He believes he can be the savior Americans are looking for, the savior of the church–sorry bub, that’s the role of Jesus! He quoted Scripture with no regard for its context, though many do this and it is equally horrifying; where is the outrage, where is the coverage? People want to talk about the “Two Corinthians” but forget about the rest. A problem is, many who follow this man don’t read their bibles either, many believe exactly as he does…our hope is in man and his solutions, America is the world’s greatest hope, and our liberty is found in safety and comfort.

When Paul wrote 2 Corinthians 3:17, the Liberty he reminds us of even still today is  one that frees us from slavery to sin and the guilt it brings, a freedom filled with the transforming power of the Gospel, freedom from condemnation. Jesus said we will be hated and persecuted because of Him…in His name we will endure hardship and we are to live as sojourners in this land. Donald Trump thinks he can fix that, he thinks he can save us from this, he believes he can bring an end to persecution and obstacles we face in the name of Christ and give us all the comfy and safe life we deserve. Someone should tell Jesus America has a new savior and he’s starred in his own reality show.

I mourn for our country and pray she wakes up…I served this nation proudly in the military but I serve my God, Father, Savior, Redeemer, with greater esteem. I serve Jesus Christ supremely. The Red, White, and Blue will fade, tatter, and at times be turned upside down but Christ died to give us more than finite comfort and escape from our trials. Jesus died to give us freedom from sin, He came to give us hope, and the Holy Spirit abides pointing us to Him; until America sees Christ and falls before him there will be many more Trumps, Sanders, and other wolves claiming to be our great hope.