Good, better, best.

Upon recent discussion with friends and acquaintances I am reminded of our passion. You see the injustices, you see the pain, you see the chaos of this world and this country. You want a solution you want restoration. It is clear to you every day, if you are looking and sometimes even if you’re not. The problem is, we see all these problems in the world and think the solution will be found in this world or the people that inhabit it.
The problems are real, they are tangible, they are empirical but many people can’t put their finger on the cause. Many have the false hope that a new President, a new Congress, new legislation, or new policies will fix the problems. Yet it all amounts to nothing. These kinds of solutions are filthy bandages or patches to a deeper issue. We have a heart problem! As long as we choose to live for this world with her finite aspirations and provisions we will never find ourselves satisfied. We are not content, we search for justice, we long for more…because God created us for more!


We can impact this world in a good way, we can solve some of these problems we face as a nation and a planet.  Let’s address the root problem, tear it out, incinerate it and go to work with our new hands, feet, and heart.

Do you see that problems we face in this world? Good.

Are you will to do something about it? Even better.

Still, if you’re not willing to go to Christ with it, if your hope is placed in the world, if your plans for restoration are of the finite kind that rusts and moths destroy…you are not yet doing what is best!
We can all do good because we are all made in God’s image, the difference is why and for whom we do it.


Wash, Rinse, Don’t Repeat

Regurgitate-repeat (information) without analyzing or comprehending it
This is the problem politically in this country but most importantly it is also a problem spiritually. A lot of information and words are floating around these days, but they are hollow. If we want to find restoration it will require change in our hearts. If we want to see revival in any facet of our life or the world around us it will require repentance and coming to know Christ for ourselves.
Why has racism flourished? Why is the U.S. flag in our churches to the right of the speaker and hoisted above all others outdoors? Why are people so concerned about abortion yet unwilling to build a relationship with that young lady? Why is the immigrant despised? Why do people complain prayer is not in schools but ignore it in their daily life? Why does injustice fill our neighborhoods and flood our courts? WHY?
Dusty bibles.
Rusty swords.
Numb minds.
Hardened hearts.
Fat hearts.
It’s time to think. It’s time to know what you believe and why you believe it. It’s time to put action to your words. It’s time to see for yourself what Scripture teaches. Listen to the teachers, read books and blogs but use the filter of Scripture and let the Holy Spirit guide you and speak to you…then apply those principles to your life. It’s time to live and love as Christ has called us…like Him, not the world.
Regurgitation is useless and births nothing but more of the same. Christ is the solution, overflowing with light dispels the darkness. That is what has angered us, isn’t it? The darkness. The injustice. The cruelty. The lack of accountability. The way we always see more of the same. The pain. It is tears us apart and the world we live in is fractured and broken and hopeless because of it. If we want change it starts with Christ, it starts with Light. God is Love, He created in Love, He sent Christ to die because He loves us, and it is love that endures.
You want to fight the brokenness of this world? Jettison the regurgitation, give your life to Christ, follow Him, and shine with His love and light…you’ll see the transformation in you and the world around you. With each candle that flickers in the darkness less darkness fills our eyes, with each flickering flame the darkness is dispelled.