Too many Americans, not enough Christians

Often, the same people who shout about the sanctity of marriage and life are the same taking a stance against immigration, and now these refugees. Either you want a government and leadership who value God’s revelation and principles given in scripture or you do not.

This is not an easy situation, there is no simple three step solution, and potentially people could get hurt. Still, if you’re a Christian start thinking like one! Christ did not call us to live in fear and He has not called us to live the simple, safe life…we are commanded to love God and others at the expense of ourselves.

If you are not a Christian and I offended you, I┬ádon’t expect you to understand. If you are a Christian and I offended you–I’m glad.

We are not called to the allegiance of our parties, we are not expected to bleed red, white, and blue–we are expected to be salt and light.