I Don’t Dance.

I’m outside the dance studio, no, I don’t dance; unless you count the occasional slow dance with my wife. I’m waiting for Heather to get out of her class, it’s gotten too dark to read so I’m people watching.

A dad walks out with his young daughter, hand in hand, she says “I love you”. Another little girl is so excited she shares every detail with her dad, as they walk down the sidewalk he smiles as she bursts with excitement. One dad opens the door for his daughter, “Make sure and buckle up”, as he then checks her seat belt.

So much to think about. Not everyone has had great experiences in the father field. Some have distant or even dysfunctional relationships. Others grew up with a void in that area for one reason or another. Still, many have had great memories.

A commonality, we all have a heavenly father who loves us! He wants us to buckle up and live in the healthy way he’s instructed us. He holds our hand, opens the doors, checks our seatbelts, and listens to us. What we see or feel when we hear the word father may be broken…but he meets us in that brokenness. When we think of God or hear that word–we may see different images or feel different emotions, but God is God. Whether we read between the lines or make Him into someone He is not, He remains immutable.

So, you want to learn about your heavenly father? We learn by talking to Him, reading about Him, and observing His creation. There’s always something to learn…if you’re not learning you’re stagnating.


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